Full Services Areas:

We have a designated team of specialists who are able to offer support to our wide client base and the Finance Industry generally.

Our expertise enables us to offer commercial pragmatic advice which is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. We pride ourselves in taking the time to learn and understand your business ethos and specific requirements when delivering our advice.

In all aspects of recovery we are able to evaluate whether the approach to a specific problem should be measured, or aggressive, based upon a solid legal and factual understanding of that problem.


We have advised on the following:
Registration and deregistration of aircraft
Aircraft Financing
Aircraft Mortgages and leases
Aircraft Insurance

Corporate and Business Matters

We are able to advise and assist generally with all contractual and commercial issues, and pride ourselves on plain English drafting and prompt, practical and business-focused advice on compliance and risk management issues. We are experienced in drafting and advising on all forms of commercial agreements and relations, and have access to specialist advice within the firm on tax and competition aspects.

We have advised on the following:

Incorporation and doing business in Nigeria
Business permit and expatriate quota
Agency agreements
Employment Labour contract
Distribution agreements
Franchising agreements
Manufacturing and supply agreements
Terms and conditions of sale.

Energy and Solid Minerals

We have advised clients on joint venture arrangements in the fields of gas, water and electricity.

Partners of the firm have provided advice on issues including:

Energy contracts for suppliers and buyers
Connection agreements;
Construction agreements;
Transportation of raw materials (such as gas).
Farm in and farm out agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Production sharing contract
Allocation sharing contract
Bid packaging and presentation


Environmental laws at federal state and local levels are beginning to have a greater impact on business and individuals every year, more and more business become subject to governmental regulation, which potentially could result in administrative civil or criminal sanctions and in substantial financial exposure.

We have advised on environmental issues at various pre-legislation study groups in which we have widely acknowledged input in the making of wide range environment policies laws and guidelines.


We advise on a broad range of financial services and licensing issues such as:

Financial services licensing;
Issues, acquisitions and disposals of shares, options,    debentures,derivatives and other financial products;
Prospectuses, product disclosure statements and associated due
Managed investment schemes.
Charges and mortgages
Finance or operating leases
Loans and securities
Start-up and spin off
MBOs and MBIs
Project financing and corporate financing
Fund raising
Intellectual properties

The global economy and the speed at which digital information can be communicated, unraveled and copied around the world means that the protection of intellectual property rights is more important than ever before. Today, companies and individuals need to actively manage and protect their intellectual property rights - especially when finding new areas and media in which to exploit their commercial potential.

To advise on such matters demands a close understanding of the issues and the motivation of individuals and businesses. Our team has the technological understanding, skill and experience to advise you on the acquisition, protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights worldwide. We provide judgment based on our experience to enhance your commercial strengths, exploit your channels to market and grasp business opportunities.


Pension financing
Pension regulation
Pension Governance
Pension Administration and Custodian


We have advised local and international companies on licensing of systems including licensing policy, modification of licenses, license enforcement network and interconnection, property rights.

Trusts and Estates

Whether you are self-made or have received an inheritance, you owe it to your family to put your affairs in good order and minimize the impact of tax on the next generation. We have long experience of looking after the assets of individuals and have particular expertise in high value estates, succession and probate issues.

Personal tax and estate planning
Lifetime gifts and settlements
Will drafting
Administration of estates and trusts
Inheritance tax advice
Charitable gifts and administration of charities
Powers of attorney
Trusts for people with learning disabilities
Break-up and modification of existing family trusts

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